We take a flexible whole-of-life approach working with you and your family

Welcome to  Guardian Healthcare Services

About Us

We empower consumers to choose direct support services that match their individual needs

Guardian Healthcare Services provides Home Care Services and Disability Support Services. We are committed to providing highly professional care and we understand your needs and requirements and design strategies to integrate them into your care plan

Our services speak for themselves, and our schedules provide the flexibility to respond to your needs. Most Australians want to live independently in their own homes. We’re here to make sure that can happen.



Our Mission & Values

Our Vision statement

To make a positive difference to the life and living of our consumers.

Our Mission Statement

Through a commitment to service excellence and innovation, Guardian Healthcare Services will provide high quality care and support to older adults and people with a disability


Our Values

Our values of fulfilment for the individual sit as the focal point of our business.

  • Care and Services
    To assist consumers in their independence and choices in their daily living of life.
  • Respect
    To respect the privacy, dignity, religious, cultural practices, choices and diversity of every individual.
  • Honesty
    At all times to be open and honest, fair and transparent with consumers, families, and staff.
  • Teamwork
    Encourage the staff team to work together in a spirit of involvement, open communication and cooperation to achieve positive quality outcomes for consumers.

How to get started?

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