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At GHS we provide a wide range of Disability Services. Our disability services are tailored to you so that you can get the service that suits you best.

Our tailored disability services will give you the support you need to enjoy living independently in your community.


What is the ndis?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way that government is funding disability care support for individuals, their families and carers. For more information understanding the NDIS please visit here

    Am I eligible for NDIS?

    You may be eligible to receive an individual (NDIS) support plan if you are:

    • Under 65 years of age
    • Have a permanent or significant disability and require support from others
    • An Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or Protected Special Category Visa Holder

    For more information on eligibility, please visit the NDIS website here

    We Cover Our Clients For

    Assist-Personal Acitivites

    Helping you with your daily personal needs. Some of the things we can help you with include:

    • Helping you with dressing
    • Showering and personal hygiene
    • Toileting

    Assist Life Stage, Transition

    Our Staff are trained to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. Our support coordinators can assist you with :

    • Prepare for your NDIS plan meetings
    • Connect you with local services and resources
    • Help you understand how you can use NDIS plan to meet your goals

    Household Tasks

    Assistance with your daily household tasks. Our Staff can support you with all your house hold chores. Domestic care includes:

    • Gardening
    • Meal preparation & Cooking
    • General cleaning

    Therapeutic Supports

    We’ll support you connect with local support services from health professionals.  Some of the Allied health professionals we can connect you with include:

    • Speech Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physiotherapy

    Participate Community

    We’ll support you take part in community-related social activities. Our Staff can support you with shopping and attend events. Some of the services include:

    • Sports & Leisure
    • Attending events
    • Life skills development programs
    • Group Bases Activities

      Community Nursing

      We’ll support you regardless of your medical or health needs. Our trained nurses come to your home and can assist you with the following:

      • Post-operative nursing care
      • Therapy
      • Wound Management
      • Renal and Diabetes Care

        Daily Tasks/Shared Living

        Helping you with your daily personal task in a Shared living environment. Some of the things we can help you with include:

        • Helping you get in and out of bed
        • Showering and personal hygiene
        • Toileting
        • Getting dressed
        • Eating and Drinking

        Development-Life Skills

        Our goal is to assist participants to develop life skills so that they can live independently.  Our staff can assist you to manage:

        • Preparing meals
        • Budgeting
        • Daily household tasks
        • Paying bills and invoices


        Assisting you to get around the community and wherever you need to go.  Our Staff member can safely drive you to get to:

        • Shopping
        • Attending special events
        • Appointments
        • Work and related activities

          Ex Phys Pers Training

          We’ll assist you with your daily physical well being.  Our customised physical programs are designed to help you improve your quality of life. Some of the things we can assist you with include:

          • Personal Training
          • Exercise programs at home
          • Equipment for exercise purposes
          • Gym Therapy


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